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Our expertise


Axone team members are experienced project managers, architects, designers, developers and QA/delivery specialists. They have extensive experience in managing, designing, resolving complex problems, building, implementing secure, scalable and reactive applications for several industries.


Successful systems are not just lines of code; they are a result of the best architecture, engineering, and project management. We all come to work to make our clients’ systems elastic, resilient, and responsive, but also ready for change. This delivers real value to our clients and keeps our team engaged and challenged. Our expertise in engineering & delivering distributed systems enables us to excel in implementing business-critical Internet of Things, media delivery, and e-commerce systems. 


Whatever scale of system required, our experienced, cross-functional agile teams will enable delivery of the entire solution not just lines of code. We appreciate the importance of continuous integration, continuous delivery, DevOps and rigorous testing. Axone has extensive experience in designing, building and implementing scalable solutions and is encouraged to continually research and innovate and to publish thought leading insights.


For the last 20 years, Axone has been successfully building and delivered large-scale software solutions for multiple domains mostly for Finance & Insurance, Data Centers and Telecommunications industries. We have several long-term customers references, business and technology partnerships. We can help you improve your business processes and enhancing your market position with long-term dedicated solutions in the following fields:

    • Asset & Network Management Solutions

    • Location-based systems (Geographical Information Systems)

    • E-Business Solutions

    • Knowledge (Document & Content) Management Systems

    • Software Engineering & Consulting Services.





Axone uses the best appropriate technologies for each project – enhancing the return on investment for our customers. Axone has expertise in modern and proven methodology, architecture and technologies such as:

    • Agile Methodology (Scrum)

    • Micro-services architectures and development patterns with Java, NodeJS, TypeScript.

    • Event-sourcing (Kafka, RabbitMQ)

    • DevOps tools (Git, Nexus, Docker,…)

    • CQRS and NoSQL databases (MongoDB, Neo4J, Cassandra,…)

    • Cloud technologies (AWS, ElasticSearch, …)

    • Web technologies (Angular, JS, …) 

    • Native mobile development (IOS, Android)

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