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Our services

Most of the off-the-shelf solutions today are expensive and/or do not solve all customers’ needs. They often provide a large and complex set of functionalities that is not appropriated to solve your business cases.

Our mission is to assist our customers & partners increasing their productivity towards the successful implementation of IT solutions by offering them a clear and rapid Return on Investment while providing them with a long-term solution.

Axone helps organizations to turn innovation and disruptive ideas into running software solutions. Axone promotes agile methodology and modern collaborative tools to manage, implement and deliver software components and solutions to solve business problems.

Assessment - Audit - Business Analysis

We help you understand the technical challenges and solutions to help you make informed decisions including budget requirements and the technology stack. 

Project Management

We truly believe in agile methodology in order to establish a collaborative and scalable approach with our customers. By understanding your commercial and product vision, we will create a prioritized list of features (Backlog) and establish a product roadmap with iterative deliveries (MVP's).

Architecture & Design

We turn the business requirements into clear, documented architecture and design specifications for driving the development teams and following an agile and iterative methodology.


We use the best development patterns and technologies to implement the expected requirements and with respect to technical requirements such as modularity, scalability, security and the ‘keep it simple’ principle.

Consulting, Coaching & Training

We provide customers with consulting and coaching resources in a collaborative manner. We like to share our expertise and contribute to building great and relevant software solutions.


We can contribute to setting up or recommend DevOps tools to help our customers in their day-to-day software team operations.

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